Why You Should Leave Epoxy Floors To The Professionals

Why You Should Leave Epoxy Floors To The Professionals

Epoxy flooring has become quite popular in recent years due to being easy to clean, stain and odor resistant, durable, and stylish. Unfortunately, so have DIY flooring projects amongst homeowners. While some DIY projects can save homeowners money, other jobs should be left to the pros for a variety of reasons. Premiere Edge Concrete Solutions understands the importance of proper execution when it comes to epoxy. While homeowners might be tempted to lean on those DIY epoxy YouTube videos, there are some things you just can’t accomplish like the professionals can. Check out our top reasons why you should leave the epoxy to the experts.

epoxy is not paint

Epoxy Is Not the Same Thing as Paint

While the terms epoxy paint and epoxy floor coating seem to be used interchangeably, there are many differences between the two. Epoxy paint is a latex acrylic paint that may have a little bit of epoxy mixed in. If there is no epoxy added or if there is no epoxy in the mix, all your hard work will just result in cracks. The professional experts at Premiere Edge Concrete Solutions only use the highest-quality industrial epoxy floor coating products to give you the long-lasting durability you are searching for.

epoxy preparation

Proper Preparation

It may be tempting to tackle an epoxy floor installation on your own, but there is a lot of work that goes into preparing the surface. Our professional installation team takes great care to properly clean, dry, and rid the area of dust and other debris so your epoxy product will adhere to the surface to create a long-lasting bond.

epoxy doesn't chip

Professional Epoxy Will Not Chip

Without the proper preparation and a professional-grade product, your DIY project may turn out to be a total flop. Incorrectly done, epoxy can easily chip not only causing a break in the protective barrier but also creating more when you go in to repair it. At Premiere Edge Concrete Solutions, our professional epoxy experts take the time from start to finish to ensure your finished product will stand the test of time.

epoxy humidity

Experts Account for Humidity

Another issue a lot of DIYers do not account for is the humidity. Humidity can vary based on location and this has an impact on your epoxy’s ability to bond properly to the surface. This is seen especially when DIYers take on epoxy garage floor projects as these environments are harder to keep the humidity at bay. Premiere Edge Concrete Solutions has the experience necessary to work in a variety of environments from garages, basements, and even outdoor epoxy projects.

A lot can go wrong with epoxy. Set your epoxy project up for success by relying on the experts at Premiere Edge Concrete Solutions. Request an estimate today!