Reasons You Should Skip The DIY Epoxy Floors

Know The Risks Before You Start!

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While it may seem like a good idea to save money by completing your epoxy floor project yourself, it’s important to know the risks of taking on this type of DIY project! Continue reading to learn more about the common issues DIYers face and why you should call in a professional from Premier Edge Concrete Solutions in Grand Rapids to handle the dirty work.

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Poor Prepping And Priming

A great epoxy floor starts with great prepping and priming. DIYers often end up cutting corners or taking steps out of sequence, which can end up damaging your product down the line. Epoxy actually bonds with the primer below it to properly seal the floor, and if you don’t prime correctly, your epoxy floor may end up peeling.

Leveling with a mixture of cement floors with a roller

Buying The Wrong Material

There are a lot of epoxy flooring choices out there, and when you don’t work in the industry, it can be challenging to tell the differences between them. However, the material is the one area you really don’t want to skimp on. After all, what’s the point of going to all the work of resurfacing your floor if it ends up peeling or doesn’t last? More so, the low-grade epoxy often used in DIY projects can take an entire week to cure, rather than a day and a half for professional-grade options.

person pouring epoxy flooring out of bucket

Don’t Have Tools

Professionals have invested in professional tools that you won’t have available to you for a DIY project. What you may save in labor costs can end up disappearing in your tool purchases. If you’re thinking about a DIY project to save money, be sure that you add tool costs into your budget.

roller next to an epoxy floor

Disappointing Results

The cost of your own time and efforts in any DIY project eventually begins to add up, and even if you do your very best, if you haven’t epoxied a floor before, it’s not going to look like a professional job. You may have an uneven coating with roller marks and blotchy flaking or coating.

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