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Most people use their garage to park their car and store things that don’t fit in your house, but a garage can be so much more. In today’s blog post from Premier Edge Concrete Solutions, we’re sharing a few creative ways to give your garage an upgrade, and how our team of flooring experts can help make these projects a reality.

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Create A Home Office

Have you switched to working from home but don’t have a dedicated office space? Move your desk from your living room or bedroom and create a garage home office! While your current garage space may be dingy, you can easily upgrade it with a stylish epoxy floor. Try our metallic marble epoxy, which provides a beautiful luster and depth that imitates marble flooring. You’ll be surprised at how a great floor can really transform a space!

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Put In A Gym

During the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people began working out at home. If you’re one of the people building a home gym, why not expand into your garage? Adding a flaked epoxy floor to your garage can give you that professional gym look along with the durability you need when you’re lifting heavyweights. Clean out that clutter and start getting fit in a space you can enjoy going to!

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Create A Man Cave

A garage is a great place to get away, clear your head, and work on your hobbies, whatever they may be! If you want to take it a step further, turn your garage into a man cave for you and your friends. Put in a TV, a couch, and paint the walls and you’re on your way to making a space you can really enjoy. Don’t forget about the flooring — an epoxy flake floor with the colors of your favorite sports team could be just what you need.

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Get Your Concrete Resurfaced

We offer a variety of concrete solutions, including Graniflex concrete resurfacing. If your garage is looking a little worse for the wear, resurfacing can make it look like new. You don’t have to completely change your space to give your garage an upgrade. Instead, use this low-maintenance solution to create a crack-resistant, waterproof, and slip-resistant surface for your garage.

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