Epoxy Garage Floors Can Handle Winter

Epoxy Garage Floors Can Handle Winter

Winter might seem like a problematic time to have something like an epoxy floor installed in your garage. The truth is, weather doesn’t have an effect on the quality of the final installation or the process that it takes to get there. Reach out to Premier Edge Concrete Solutions in Grand Rapids and get your garage floor back in shape, no matter the season.


Salt Will Not Damage Epoxy Coating

The amount of salt that gets used during the winter in order to melt snow and ice is enough to do some significant damage to cars and even sidewalks over time. Fortunately, epoxy floors don’t have that problem. The coating is specifically used to deter foreign substances that might have corrosive properties, not fall victim to them.


One Day Garage Floor Upgrade

The last thing you want when you are comfortable in your home during the winter months is a circus of people working on a project for an undetermined amount of time. The benefit of getting your epoxy garage floor with Premier Edge is that our team works efficiently. We’ll be in and out in the blink of an eye and, before you know it, you’ll have a shiny, new garage floor.


Water Resistant

Water in your garage is unavoidable during the snowy Michigan winter. Over time, all of that moisture can really take a toll on your average concrete floor. Epoxy coatings, however, are water resistant, meaning that you’ll have nothing to worry about even if there’s three feet of snow on the ground!


The Cold Won’t Stop Us

Though winters in Grand Rapids can get mightily cold, our team refuses to let that keep us from our work. Our team is committed to getting the work done and, in the event of unexpected roadblocks, will find workarounds to ensure that your epoxy garage floor is installed with care and up to the standard that you expect from us.

While the summer months seem like the logical time to get a new garage floor installed, we aren’t going anywhere in the winter. We’ll get your garage floor looking brand new no matter the season. Call us at (616) 594-0934 and get a free quote for your floor today!