4 Benefits of Epoxy Coating

Are you thinking of installing an epoxy coating for your concrete floors here in Grand Rapids? Since first being introduced in the 1940s, epoxy resin coating has had several advantages and diverse applications, making it an ideal choice for concrete floors.

Epoxy coating from Premier Edge Concrete Solutions is a very creative way to coat your floors and is a durable, safe option. Before you decide on using epoxy, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that it offers.

Close up of epoxy flooring

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Who does not like a floor that is easy to maintain? Epoxy floors are popular because they are easy to take care of and are resistant to stains and marring. Whether it is sweeping up debris or wiping down spills, even oil is no problem to clean up. Epoxy is a great flooring choice especially when you have pets and kids at home. Cleaning your floors cannot get easier than this.

Spill on concrete

Resistant to Water and Chemicals

Epoxy is a safe coating that you can use on concrete floors. It is both shock and chip-resistant and much less abrasive than other types of industrial flooring. Since it is water-resistant, it will protect your floors from harsh chemicals and water spills. Epoxy also withstands temperatures up to 200°F, making it one of the best choices of flooring for fire resistance.

Vehicles on epoxy coated floor

Epoxy is Very Durable

Epoxy is known for its durability and it will protect your floors from almost any type of daily impact. Heavy furniture and equipment can be placed on it and there will be no adverse effects. Only if you take a very heavy and sharp object can this material be damaged. It is a flooring choice that is popular because it has high tensile strength and is very durable and long-lasting.

Close up of epoxy application

It Has Non-Slip Properties

One of the best aspects of epoxy floors is that specific application methods make it non-slip in nature. Once you are done with mopping and wiping, you don't have to be worried about slipping on the floor. This is a great benefit to have in flooring material especially if you have kids, pets, and high traffic areas. Unlike other floorings where slipping can be a hazard, epoxy helps to minimize the risk of accidents.

Getting an epoxy floor coating is a great option for your concrete! It will give your floors a smooth and uniform look, and the glossy finish will give them a clean and professional appearance. It is modern and long-lasting, and when installed by a professional, you should be extremely satisfied with the results.